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The Following News Articles from Colonel L. H. Adams, Jr., Columbia, Alabama to Ed Godbold who Contributed them for this Website April 11, 2006

From The Front Page Of The "Columbia Breeze" June 2, 1898

Miss Powers Captured

Sheriff Pilcher Carries Off Miss Vester Powers, Charged With Stealing A Heart
"Sheriff Joe M. Pilcher came down from Abbeville last Sunday armed with certain necessary papers issued by the Probate Judge authorizing him to take into custody Miss Vester Powers, one of Columbia's fair daughters, on a charge of "heart stealing". The papers were placed in the hands of Rev. N.R. Hamer, pastor of the Methodist church, for service, and at 3:30 o'clock, accompanied by Deputy Sheriff Williams, the gallant Sheriff appeared at the home of Mrs. E. S. Powers, mother of the young lady, where, after a few brief prelimmaries (sic) and in the presence of a few witnesses, the sentence of the law and of the church was duly pronounced by Rev. Hamer.
It is surmised that Miss Vester was a willing captive, although she may have made the counter charge that the sheriff had stolen her heart. Be that as it may, she is a pretty and accomplished young lady and the hearty good wishes of the people of Columbia follow her into captivity. Our sheriff has the reputation of being kind to his prisoners and The Breeze predicts that the bonds with which he has bound this gentle one will not be hard to bear."
ELG Note:

Vesta and Anna Colesta were fraternal twins. When Vesta was 13 years old her father, age 61, and her sister Kate Elizabeth, age 24, died within a week of each other in 1890. Her sister Short died at age 23 in 1897, then Lula died in 1900 at age 32 and Willie died in 1903 at age 41. Kate, Short and Lula all died of "consumption" (tuberculosis). In later years when Vesta would walk by the home of a a known tuberculosis sufferer, she would make her children hold their breath and run past the house. When her father became very ill, Vesta's mother opened her house to boarders in order to support the remaining family members. It was because of this that Vesta was to meet her future husband, Joseph Mitchell Pilcher.

Newspaper data and notes which follow provided by Colonel L. H. Adams, Jr., Columbia, Alabama, Columbia Enterprise, Columbia Alabama, Jan. 5, 1883. Contributed by Ed Godbold

E. S. Powers at his blacksmith, wagon and plow shop is prepared to execute orders in his line at short notice. Blacksmithing, in all its forms, repairing of wagons, buggies, carriages, plows, guns, pistols, etc. especially attended to. Shop, east of square.
Note: See Sanborn Map of Columbia(1885). Mr. Powers blacksmith shop is located on the south side of E. North street, just off South Main Street. At that time E. North street was not open to traffic, but was blocked by two buildings facing S. Main Street at the beginning of E. North street. The blacksmith shop was behind these two buildings and situated at an angle.

Columbia Enterprise, Columbia Alabama, Feb. 8, 1883
You can get your horse shod all around at Powers shop for a dollar cash. This means money down

The Observer; Columbia, Alabama May 16, 1883
Council Proceedings
E. S. Powers was allowed $3.00 for making a coffin for a colored child.

The Observer; Columbia, Alabama July 4,, 1883
Council Proceedings
E. S. Powers, work on calaboose, $1.00

Columbia Enterprise, Dec. 13, 1883
Home affairs
E. S. Powers returned on Thursday of last week from Montgomery where he attended the meeting of the Grand Lodge, A. F. & A. M.

Columbia Enterprise, Dec. 1, 1887
Mr. ------- Teague is having a residence built on a lot this side of Mr. Powers .
Note: This is probably on the east side of South main street south of the home of Nat J. Oakley, later the Rice house and north of the house where Mr. Ed Powers is known to have lived.

Columbia Enterprise, Dec. 15, 1887
Council Proceedings
The following accounts were presented and ordered paid, viz: E. S. Powers 1.30

Columbia Enterprise, June 28, 1888
More Local News
E. S. Powers has had one or two severe attacks of bilious colic of late, and now is confined to his bed.

Columbia Enterprise, Aug. 23, 1888
More Local News
E. S. Powers' health has been in rather a precarious condition for sometime. though he is now much better.

Columbia Enterprise, Nov. 8, 1888
Council Proceedings
Ordered paid........E. S. Powers, 3.75

Columbia Enterprise, Jan.17, 1889
More Local News
We are very sorry to learn of the sickness of Mr. E. S. Powers, and trust he may soon recover his wanted health.

Columbia Enterprise, March 27, 1890
Mr. Ed Powers has been quite sick, but is able to perambulate at this writing.

The Columbia Recorder, July 3, 1890
Mr. Charles Glenn of Iola, Florida arrived Sunday in Columbia , with the family of his uncle, Mr. E. S. Powers.

The Columbia Recorder, July 10, 1890
Miss Rosa Powers of Blakely has been in the city for the past week visiting relatives

The Columbia Recorder, September 4, 1890
To the Confederate Veterans of Henry County
(Request to attend a mass meeting of veterans to organize a Confederate Veterans Association of Henry County)
(List of veterans......E. S. Powers.......).

The Columbia Recorder, October 2, 1890
Miss Lou Powers of Blakeley spent several days with relatives in town last week.

The Columbia Recorder, November 6, 1890
Miss Lou Powers of Blakeley spent several days last visiting the home of her brother. Mr. E. S. Powers.

The Columbia Recorder, November 13, 1890
The condition of Mr. E. S. Powers and daughter Miss Kate remains unchanged. They each have many friends who are interested in their welfare and who would rejoice beyond measure to see them restored to their former health.

The Columbia Recorder, November 20, 1890
Miss Gertrude Powers, of Newton , is in the city visiting the family of her uncle, Mr. E. S. Powers. May her stay in this her old home be filled with much pleasure.

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