U - V Surnames,  Henry County, Alabama Marriages

Henry County Marriages
Contributed by Jan Stith
Source: Henry's Heritage, Vol. II Marriage Records 1821-1868
May or may not be complete. Some names are spelled incorrectly

Ussury, John to Mary Ann Arnold 22 April 1846
Vann, Lennard, to Elva Silcox 12 January 1867
Vann, Stephen to Caroline Clemmons 19 September 1863
Varnum, Calvin to Anna Jane Lawson 3 February 1858
Varnum, John B. to Eliza Ham 7 August 1868
Vaughn, Isiah H. to Fermin Arnold 11 February 1861
Vaughn, J.W. to Eliza Arrington 17 December 1865
Vickers, Jesse to Harriet Morris 7 August 1860
Vickers, Jesse to Mary A. E. Holley 28 March 1866
Vickers, Thomas to Amanda Golden 28 August 1845
Vickers, Wm. to Caroline Golden 31 July 1847
Vickers, Young J. to Mahala Dominy 24 November 1865

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