Q Surnames,  Henry County, Alabama Marriages

Henry County Marriages
Contributed by Jan Stith
Source: Henry's Heritage, Vol. II Marriage Records 1821-1868
May or may not be complete. Some names are spelled incorrectly

Quaddlebaum, Benoni to Lucinda Graham 22 November 1865
Quaddlebaum, Ezekiel to Eliza Taylor 3 March 1867
Quaddlebaum, Ezehid to Caty Joiner 19 January 1836
Quaddlebaum, James to Margaret Cochran 7 March 1868
Quaddlebaum, Mathias to Phenby Gray 12 January 1862
Quaddlebaum, Mathias to Martha Hodges 2 November 1865
Quillan, Edgar R. to Mrs. Mary M. Ratch 6 July 1860

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