O Surnames,  Henry County, Alabama Marriages

Henry County Marriages
Contributed by Jan Stith
Source: Henry's Heritage, Vol. II Marriage Records 1821-1868
May or may not be complete. Some names are spelled incorrectly

Oakley, Nathaniel F. to Nancy McGriff 7 January 1842
Oates, Ephriam to Mary Ann Ward 16 August 1849
Oates, John C. to Sarah O. Christmas 4 June 1863
Oates, John R. to Susannah Peebles 2 May 1850
Oates, Nathan to Emeline Murphy 5 June 1856
Oates, Seaman to Matilda McSwain 18 May 1867
O'Connor, Daniel to Julia Ann Evans 21 November 1860
Odom, Aaron to Martha Bailey 7 June 1831
Odom, Darby A. to Mary A. Harper 3 June 1868
Odom, James P. to ? Brincher 23 February 1865
Odom, James to Elvira V. Knight 8 November 1866
Odom, James T. to Martha Ratham? 16 February 1839
Odom, Seaborn A. to Eliza Holt 2 February 1849
Odom, Wesley to Ruth D. Elmore 24 October 1846
Odom, Wm. C. to Martha Riley 1 February 1850
Olive, Levy to Savannah T. Jones 25 October 1867
Olive, Wm. to Sarah M. Cowart 19 November 1856
Oliver, Wesley to Caroline Snellgrove 30 August 1854
Outlaw, Alexander to Caroline White 5 October 1855
Outlaw, Joseph to Mary Seagar 28 August 1831
Owens, Andrew J. to Mary A. Harper 10 November 1858
Owens, Green Berry to Mary A. Strickland 22 November 1856

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