Church Records
Henry County Alabama

Many Churches have valuable records for those searching for their ancestors along with cemeteries beside the church yard.

  • Abbeville
  • Adoniram
  • Bulah
  • Campspring
  • Columbia
  • Concord
  • Ebenezer
  • El Bethel
  • Fellowship
  • Oakey Grove
  • Pleasant Grove
  •  Sardis
  • Talbot

Adoniram Baptist Church
Article by Bert Childs

Adoniram Baptist Church is on County Road 65 south west of Hardwickburg. It was first the Yatta Abbey Baptist Church, one of the older churches in the county. Records show it to be in existence in 1842. It was a log structure some where near the east end of the present bridge over the Abbey Creek on the old road from Hardwickburg to Brown's Crossroads. In 1845, the church was the Baptist Church of the Chitty at Adoniram and in 1857, the Baptist Church at Adoniram. In 1863, it was the Baptist Church of Christ at Adoniram and finally in 1959, the Adoniram Baptist Church.

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