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Contributed by Ron Williams
October 20, 2004

I located a small cemetery in Henry County and did a survey of it. It's located about three miles northwest of Columbia, Al. It's off of Hwy 134 located in a grove of trees in a cow pasture.  It has only one burial slab with headstone. There may or may not be other graves there that don't have markers, however a plot had been laid off with old rocks. The cemetery is on private property owned by the Kirklands.

The name on the headstone is:

Mary Susan Koonce
Born July 4, 1873
Died March 4, 1874

Although I do not know for sure, I believe this grave to be the daughter of  William Cawthon Koonce
and Claudia Goocher Koonce. Another daughter of theirs Angerona Gordon Koonce Williams was my
greatgrandmother who married Albert Louis Williams of Henry County.
Ron Williams

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